Wednesday, February 26, 2014

threads and more threads!!!

ok so i don't have any stitching to share,as i have decided to put all my dmc floss in bags,instead of the little bobbins i've always used. it may take a few days as i have tons of it,and i just seem to keep buying more and will be nice to get it all in one place,as i have it on bobbins in cases in several different containers.i like the idea of being able to put extra skeins in the to ya soon!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


i did'nt get to stitch as much as i would have liked to this weekend,but every little bit helps i guess.

here is the sunflower i have started for the chatelaine challenge at the start

here it is now

and then i started the 'yes i can drive a stick' chart

i'm excited to get this one finished,it won't take very long!!!

thanks for visiting and let me know how you did on this ihsw weekend,see ya soon!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

new stuff!!!

k,don't have pics to show,but i got a couple new designs to start working on,i will do some pics hopefully this weekend.i got the, yes,i can drive a stick by sue hillis designs,my" new" car is a manual transmission,so i can't wait to do this one,it has a cute broomstick with a witches hat.also waiting on some fabric for another one.
i started the sunflower for the chatelaine stitchers challenge,will try to post a pic.also looking forward to a stitching weekend for IHSW.

so off to stitch and then to sleep......

Sunday, February 16, 2014

ok its over for another glad....

...valentines day that is... i am always happy to see that day come and go at work. i really should'nt love to see it go as it happens to be my daughters birthday-she is 28 this year,shes my sweetheart for sure.

hopefully now i can get to some stitching,gonna share my works that i have started as soon as i can slow down and gets some pics taken.i have joined the stitching bandits chatelaine challenge,so i'm excited to start this new adventure. i have picked out a design--got my thread and fabric--now to get started.

just wanted to share a quick update as i don't want to get behind on blogging either,thanks for visiting and until next time...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

here we go again!!!

gonna try this blog thingy again,we will see how it goes this time,hope to share lots of things on here.
for now we are being bombarded by sleet and snow,i think, like most of the south is.sure is putting a damper on our progress at work for valentines day. got tons of flowers just waiting to be sold,we shall see!!!
until next time...