Thursday, May 3, 2018

been missing!!!

Yes I know I've been missing again, but this time I have proof of my MIA status.  I fell at work and broke my hand a couple months ago and while it still doesn't close like it should, I am more than ready to stitch- hopefully it will all be ok. We shall see...

Talk again soon...Bonnie

Sunday, February 18, 2018

February TUSAL post

Finally getting around to posting my ort jar for February. Not a lot different than January, just haven't been in the stitchy mood again, hope that changes soon, because I sure do have a lot to stitch, we shall see...

talk again soon, Bonnie

Friday, February 2, 2018

Part 2...

Quick post about a quick bit of work on part 2...loving these colors>>>>>> 

talk again soon,Bonnie...                                           

Thursday, February 1, 2018


So I finally finished Mr. Sloth and yes I do need to decide on a first name for him, Mr. makes him sound so grown up and he is too cute to be an adult.  So I will think on this for a bit longer, because part 2 comes out today and if you haven't yet come join us and stitch it with us --Into the Jungle-- by the Frosted Pumpkin...

talk again soon...Bonnie

Sunday, January 28, 2018

WIPocalypse check in>>>>

Well I had hoped to have more progress this month,but a little works too I guess and it would probably be a good thing if I had worked on the ones below that I had listed for this sal, but the only one that got attention has been--into the jungle--and that is ok too...I suppose.

Anyway we are supposed to list the sals that we are taking part in this year and if we are going to do the Olympic Stitching challenge and goals we have...

Besides wipocalypse and the -into the jungle- I think thats it, but I may be open to suggestions---too easy to get sucked in...

And if I do the Olympic challenge, I will probably do the Rotation Relay!!!

And as for goals,  I plan to put my threads back on bobbins and out of the bags they are in now and I just want to get things straightened out so I know what I have---I hate to get lost when I go in my craft room,lol...

Progress thus far...

talk again soon...Bonnie

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Didn't get to stitch  a lot this weekend for IHSW, I had to do that thing called work. I started the frosted pumpkin's---into the jungle sal---so I do have progress and here it is
talk again soon!!!Bonnie

Saturday, January 20, 2018

January TUSAL

Just a bit late posting TUSAL, but I was a bit ashamed that I haven't stitched more and therefore would have more threads, anyway I wanted to start fresh so this is it...

talk again soon...Bonnie 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

snow day--stitchy day--well NO!!!

Well you would have thought that with a surprise day off because of the snow...that I would have gotten lots of stitching done.  But NO, not one stitch did I do!!!  But it will be ok,today is another day and after work, I will give it my best shot!!!

Until then, just a couple pictures for your enjoyment!!!!

Talk again soon!!! Bonnie

Sunday, January 7, 2018

WIPocalypse 2018

Well this is gonna be so much fun participating in this with everyone, I just hope I'm doing this correctly and never mind that I have posted twice in the same day!!! wonders never cease--haha

WIPocalypse 2018

January 7 --  introduction and goals for the year

Well I'm Bonnie and I love to cross stitch and craft and of course I love to read. Been married for 33 yrs and I have one daughter and 2 grand-dogs. My other fave thing to do is cuddle with my black lab,shes a big ole girl-all 65 lbs of her. And I work full time as a retail supervisor and I pretty much love my job......

And as for goals, I would love to finish a few of what I've started and pretty much just stitch from my stash this year, we will see how that goes......

A few that I really want to focus on------
Sunbonnet Sue sal by Lesley Teare, just started today--
Canadian Sampler by Stitchrovia
Dog Lessons
Snow Days

All I'm gonna list for now, because I really want to get these done!!!
talk again soon,Bonnie

things are heating up...a little

Yessss! we are supposed to get to 35 today, almost time to break out the short britches..haha, just kidding, I don't even wear shorts anymore,,, In fact I prefer colder weather, I don't care for summer time, although most of my family does---but its ok,, cause everyone likes what they like!!!

Enough of the weather update,but I had a few minutes before work today, so I started the Sunbonnet Sue sal by Lesley Teare. I think I'm gonna really like this one, Sunbonnet Sue is a favorite thing of my moms so I hope to finish this sal. So I have only had time to stitch the border, so I though I would post a pic!!!  January Sue or Sam???

I'm off work tomorrow so I hope I have a good stitchy day, talk again soon...Bonnie

Thursday, January 4, 2018

No Excuse...well maybe a small one...

It truly has been a long time,but I miss reading the blogs that everyone still shares and I need to get better about this myself, so I am going to give it another shot.  I have had some issues with my eyes though, so that has prevented stitching to some extent, but hopefully that is a bit better, anyway lets get this party started!!!

It is really cold here in NC, I think it was supposed to get down to 12 last night, didn't stay out to test that theory though.  I am off work today so I decided to get caught up on blogs and sites that I have neglected and maybe stitch a bit too!!!

I started the Canadian Sampler by Stitchrovia, I have loved this since I saw Pam Reid stitching it on you tube and since my
husband is part Canadian, I just wanted to stitch it. So here we go, I know its a small start,but its a start, talk again soon!!!