Thursday, March 20, 2014

time flies!!!

can't believe its been so many days since i've posted anything,but i really have'nt been stitching too much in the last week or so. just have'nt felt well and been working too!  hopefully this weekend will be good though,its the ihsw,so i'm looking forward to that,we shall see,i may get to some stitching tonight!!!

talk again soon,bonnie

Sunday, March 2, 2014

march 1st on the 2nd TUSAL post

here is my tusal post a day late,sorry,sleep overtook me last night before i got a pic taken,its possible it may happen quickly tonight too!!! i did however,purchase the sampler by frosted pumpkin--ONCE UPON A TIME.  i am excited to start this one also,think i'm gonna have too many going at once.

and i am still in the process of getting my dmc threads changed over to the bags,not going as fast as i had hoped,oh well it will be nice when i do get finished!!!

thanks for the visit and i will talk again soon!!!