Monday, October 27, 2014

gone so long.......

can't believe its been 3 months since i posted anything here,you know life just gets in the way sometimes,but thats no excuse really,not for me anyway.  i have been doing some stitching,not a whole lot though,but its time to get started back full force!!!

some other news,i have won a couple things from some great stitchers on youtube,just thought i would share the pics of goodies with you

the first pic is lovely thread and material i won from mrsmilkybarkid-the threads came from jodyri designs--so pretty!!!

and with this win i also received a gift certificate,with which i bought more beautiful threads from jodyri designs and these were themed wizard of oz---love them all

i also won a drawing from young40mom and i will post pics when i receive this!!!

and a small update on joyful butterfly from jodyri designs, this is for a sal that i am in on facebook

i also won a couple charts this month too,but i will save that for my next post!!!
its been a blessed couple of months!!! talk again soon--bonnie