Monday, August 17, 2015

my new happy....

yeah i know, been a long time since i posted,and i have been cross stitching some,not a whole lot though, i think my problem is i want to do so many,that i never get started...but i've decided this has to change,here is my last start

its the frosted pumpkins-story time sampler-and its so cute,so i'm hoping to get caught up---cause i just bought the new christmas town that just came out and i neeeeed to start it...

but on to the reason my blog name has changed----i have fell into the world of planning--HAPPY PLANNING to be exact, i started with filofax and franklin covey and then to color crush and on to midori and there are things that i truly love about each of them,but i have since found true ***happy*** since i found the MAMBI HAPPY PLANNER and for those that might not know,thats me&my big ideas---they're great,think i have found peace for a bit,who knows i may never have to buy another one,at least not till december of next year

i have actually bought two of them and some what combined them,this is the first one

and then ordered this one from the MAMBI website

and here is what this week looks like,i kinda have a thing for doggies

so i guess thats how i been spending my time and i love it all--talk again soon...bonnie